When you incur damage you may claim liability and demand compensation from the party that caused this damage. This compensation is calculated and established on the basis of a so-called statement of damage. The statement of damage specifies and itemises the amount of the damage suffered by the injured party. Amounts are established on the basis of evidence like medical records and salary slips.

A statement of damage usually consists of general, noneconomic damages. So immaterial damage suffered by the injured party, medical expenses, domestic help and loss of income (Loss of Earning Potential). Work from undeclared employment may also count as loss of income.

Other possible loss items are:

– Study delays

– Travelling costs

– Telephone costs

– Independent occupation or work

– Insurance

– Loss of social security rights

– Home adaptation and conversion

– Holidays to be cancelled

– Measures mitigating the loss

– Cancelling / termination costs

A statement of damage must be very carefully drawn up and calculated to enable the injured party to get compensation. Elfi Letselschade Advocaat will be happy to assist you in assessing your damage and claiming compensation.