In some cases also a third party may claim compensation for damage suffered as a result of another person’s injury. If the death of the injured party is due to another person, the surviving persons of the injured party may get compensation for loss of dependency. Surviving persons may claim compensation of the funeral expenses in any case. Loss of dependency may also imply compensation for lost maintenance. Like maintenance from income lost as a result of the death of the injured party. Or conditions coming to an end when the injured party provided for the needs of his or her partner.

Surviving persons may suffer nervous shock injury or emotional loss as a result of the death of a loved one. For more information about both types of damage, see “Shockschade / Nervous Shock Injury” and “Affectieschade / Emotional Loss”.

A life insurance is another point of interest connected with loss of dependency on account of death. A contracted life insurance pays out a sum of money if the person in whose name the life insurance was contracted has died. As surviving relative you may also claim compensation for loss of dependency in cases like these.

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