Pets and animals may be unpredictable. Take for instance a horse making an unexpected move that causes its rider to fall from the saddle, breaking an arm. Or a dog that severely bites a child’s leg out of the blue. When an animal causes injury, the victim may be compensated for the damage suffered. First, liability must be determined. Animals themselves cannot be held liable, however. So there is strict liability involved in these cases. This implies that the animal’s owner is in principle liable for his animal’s conduct. If this animal inflicts damage on another party, be it animal or person, this will be charged on the animal’s owner. The animal’s owner need not be personally guilty of the injury inflicted by his pet or animal

Another factor in claims for liability is the possibility of the injured person’s own fault. If the injured party for instance kicked the animal and the animal responded, the injured party itself gave rise to this response. And there is the possible circumstance of someone else being in charge of the animal instead of the animal’s proper owner.

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