Independent workers without employees (zzp’ers) are considered a special category in liability law. Independent workers namely enjoy fewer rules for protection in case something goes wrong. When an independent worker is involved in an accident, this may have huge effects, both personally and for the business. On top of physical injury the accident may also result in economic loss. The accident has reduced the person’s working capacity while the costs remain the same. So the business generates less income. What’s more for instance, independent workers are not entitled to continued payment of wages during illness, which would have been the case in permanent employment conditions.

In some cases an independent worker may hold a client liable on account of employer liability. In that case, the damage must have been incurred during performance of the work for the client. If you want to find out more about this, go to “Arbeidsongevallen / Accidents at work”.

If you are an independent worker with an invalidity insurance contract you will be paid a compensation if you cannot work due to an accident. In some cases however, the invalidity insurer refuses to pay the full amount of your damage. The insurer may for instance object against certain aspects of the damage being caused by the accident.

Assessing damage of independent workers consequently is a complicated affair, so you would be well-advised to invoke specialist help. The lawyers at Elfi Letselschade Advocaat will be happy to represent your interests.