Accidents in and around the home, or “house & kitchen” accidents, may result in claims for damage. Household accidents may be suffered when working (from home) and in other cases. In case of damage suffered by employees (working from home) the employer may be made liable. In these cases it must concern a unforeseeable accident. Common accidents suffered in the employee’s private environment are outside this scope. When an employee who works from home for instance cuts himself when making a sandwich, the employer cannot be held liable. In some cases however the employer may indeed be made liable. If you want to find out more about employer liability, go to “Arbeidsongevallen / Accidents at work”.

Liability may indeed be claimed in case of accidents that do not occur under (home) working conditions. An example is someone lying in a hammock suffering serious injury because the fixing pole of the hammock topples over and hits that person. In that case you may hold the (co-)owner of the hammock liable. Other examples are a child falling from a trampoline or a barbecue fire that causes injury. In cases like these you may hold the producer or owner of the trampoline or barbecue liable.

You are advised to engage a specialist to handle your claim properly. Elfi Letselschade Advocaat has various specialists ready to act on your behalf.