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Social Security law covers several measures and regulations providing for social security. These measures and regulations guarantee you an income in case of unemployment, invalidity for work or retirement.

In most cases you are entitled to sickness benefit under the Dutch Sickness Benefit Act (Ziektewet; ZW) when your employment agreement terminates during your illness or when you become ill shortly after the termination of your employment agreement. When you become unemployed because your employment agreement is not continued for instance, you are usually entitled to an unemployment benefit (WW). When you have been unfit for work for more than two years you may be entitled to benefit under the Dutch Work and Income Act (WIA).

When you hold the view that you are entitled to a benefit you must apply to the UWV benefits agency or your municipality of residence. Your benefit will be allowed if you comply with the conditions.

Application procedures may involve problems however. Employers may contest your invalidity for work; the UWV benefits agency may take the view that you are not entitled to a benefit. And problems may also occur after the benefit has been allowed. A benefit may be suddenly discontinued, for instance because you have inadvertently failed to report a change in conditions.

If you receive a notification of discontinuation or refusal of benefit, you may appeal against this notification. You may also appeal against a decision of the benefit agency. You may appeal to the court when you want to contest a decision on your objection. If you object to a court decision you may appeal to the Administrative Jurisdiction Division of the Dutch Council of State (Afdeling bestuursrechtspraak van de Raad van State).

Straight from the appealing phase it is important for you to have called in an expert who may counsel and support you during proceedings.

The lawyers at Elfi Letselschade Advocaat are specialised in Social Security law and will be happy to stand by your side in this regard.